20 Illustrations Of Different Cat Breeds Inspired By The Final Fantasy Series


Ayami Garci wanted to see how many cat breeds she can cover with RPG style job class titles.

These were drawn with micron-pens and copic markers, and she was able to complete 20 pieces!

More info: society6.com

Squire American Short Hair Tabby

Bombay Black Mage

American Curl Dancer

Munchkin White Mage

Mainecoon Archer

Scottish Fold Bard

Egyptain Mau Ninja

Himalayan Berserker

Knight American Wire Hair Tabby

Samurai Japanese Bobtail

Siamese Summoner

Ragdoll Chemist

Persian Red Mage

Monk Norwegian Forest Cat

Nebulung Black Knight

Russian Blue Dragoon


Burmese Geomancer


Oracle Sphynx

Bengal Thief

Turkish Angora Paladin


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