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250+ “smARTphone” artworks. The ART of Inserting Movie Scenes into Real Life Situations.

Everybody fooled around at some point with his smartphone camera, adding emoji or different filters to his photos. That was even more fun when Snapchat came to app stores. But very few think of that as ART. It’s just fun and smartphone entertainment.
Francois Dourlen on the other hand started his ascension as an “artist” in the same way, playing with his phone, just like most of us do.

“One day, wanting to make a joke with friends, I replaced a statue of Napoleon in Cherbourg with a picture of my little pony in my phone and took a picture. I had so much fun that I put it on facebook, and people immediately liked and shared it.”

Francois Dourlen

From a point where it was all just a game, where he could animate nature and real life situations, he started to grow a passion and a trend that would put him on the internet radar.

“I remade another photo in this style, people still loved, I made another and another… I had finally found a way to tell all the stupid things that I think the time! And above all a way to show people what I have in the head. My associations of ideas. And above all a means of sharing”

He quickly became popular on facebook and instagram, and he kept posting new photos that would engage people more and more. Although it’s just a hobby, we can appreciate his work as ART, or as he calls it, “smARTphone”, and he is still creating and  sharing  hundreds of original ideas to the world.

“It’s not my job, I’m a professor of history. I continue to take these photos as it amuses me. I do not think it will become my job, I love mine and it’s better than it’s still a hobby, which allows me to remain free in my creative efforts.”

Francois Dourlen

Credits: Francois Dourlen | Instagram

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