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80+ new pics of The Invisible Man. Can you find him in all of them?

The Chinese artist Liu Bolin is a master of disguise, or how we like to call him, The Chameleon Man. The media nicknamed him “The Invisible Man” for his incredible camouflage skills. Liu studied sculpture in university and graduated in 1995. After his graduation, he worked as a sculptor for the following 10 years. He’s first attempts to create art using his body were trialed back in 2001 in the the Suojiacun Artists’ Village, but it was demolished by the Chinese government, point of which the artist realised he could only use his body to protest. 

 “I only have my body as an artist, I have nothing else,” 

Liu Bolin

His “Hiding In The City” project aims to draw attention to important social issues of his country and dissect the line between the individual and society.

Choosing his “hiding” location is not random. He always needs to connect to it or to send a strong message.

“Like the slogans on the wall what appears in almost everywhere in China. I know them from my childhood. And lots of people will neglect those slogans, also because it appears almost everywhere. However, those slogans affect our daily life indeed,” explained Liu Bolin.


“I will care more about the connection between the individual and the environment, like the relationship of active and passive, consciousness and unconsciousness. Since as an individual, how to exist in the environment, and what is the position of the individual in the environment could be revealed by the camouflage.”

The ‘Hiding In The City’ series was created for the past 13 years. His first artwork dated back to November 17th, 2005 and since then, many people had helped him throughout the years.

“My friends came to help me at the beginning, I had my own assistants later. So there are a lot of people help me do my Hiding in the City series artworks,” said Liu. For the urban camouflage to be so detailed, teamwork is a must.

“Some of them do painting, some of them take the video, some of them film the shooting tidbits, even I have a driver. My task is choose the right background, then be the model, put on all clothes, my assistant will paint all my hidden background on my body. General speaking, I need 5 or 6 people to help me do my artwork.”


Enjoy his artwork gallery bellow.
Can you spot “The Invisible Man” in all of them?

Find out more on: Liu Bolin Studio | Instagram


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