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A Miner Spends His Breaks Taking Photos Of Foxes In The Arctic Circle

In every corner of the world you can capture amazing landscapes differentiated by flora or fauna, but this amazing artist manages to capture delightful photographs foxes and other animals. Ivan Kislov lives in the northeast of Magadan port and is a miner engineer in Chukotka, Russia.

This region is a beautiful arctic tundra, being covered by a large layer of ice is difficult to find animals, for a beautiful picture of nature. But, by way of expeditions, Kislov managed to capture some excellent pictures, some including a fairytale landscape and a few foxes with a gorgeous fur.

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The photographer surprised in his pictures bears, reindeer,foxes and wolves , Kislov saying that foxes are the most common, being considered models: “Foxes are curious and can come very close, and I have a wide angle and telephoto.”
I think Kislov managed to take some beautiful pictures and you will probably be surprised by his pictures. Certainly he worked hard and this is seen by the splendor of the cadres caught by him.




































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