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Abandoned Highway From Pennsylvania Is Covered Of Graffiti

Probably no one consider beautiful an abandoned place, but there is so many places full of mystery and adventure. Also exist adventure searcher who know these abandoned places and explore every inch. Surely not all deserted places look like this abandoned Pennsylvania highway. This place is really special because, people which passing the threshold take care to not destroy its beauty, a true respect for nature.

#1  “Fun with a side of sad a creepy” is a review on TripAdvisor this are the best way to describes the road

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Image credits: rennercarime

The highway is located in Centralia, Pennsylvania, about two and a half hours northwest of Philadelphia.  This place is beautiful and scary at the same time a true work of art with a colorful past.  The history of this place began to fade in the spring of 1962 during the preparations for Memorial Day.

#3  Route 61 has been abandoned since the early 1990s

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Image credits: lifemomentsllc

Before the big parade, city officials decided to burn garbage. They didn’t know that this could hit a coal vein underground and could lead to the demise of the city, something that happened.

#5  Its real threat was the mine fires in Centralia, Pennsylvania.

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The fire spread slowly around mines below the city, fires started to light up without anyone being able to stop it. Therefore, in the mid-1980s, the government offered residents $ 42 million to move.  This offer led to the demolition of 500 buildings and over 1000 people accepted the proposal.

#7  About 1000 locals were relocated and their houses demolished


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Beautiful city has become a ghost town, over time population has decreased. With the passing of time were few locals left to walk on this abandoned road, some of them left behind this spectacular graffiti art around the 2000s.


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Image credits: marcellagrinnell

The ghost town became famous after the 2006 release of the movie “Silent Hill”. People from all over the world come to cover the highway with works of art, much of the highway called The Graffiti Highway was colored by the year 2010.

#11  Lately, people have forgotten about this wonderful place, but adventurers have rediscovered it

Image credits: whiskeyslut_remedies


#12  Highway is a work of art created by visitors and the ruins of the deserted city

Image credits: tat_sleevens

#13  The road proved to be the perfect canvas for graffiti

Image credits: anniextraloud


#14  The abandoned city was an inspiration for famous movie ‘Silent Hill’

Image credits: michaelhowerphotography

#15 People didn’t hesitate to continue, which started the former locals

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Jerri March 19, 2020 at 5:55 pm

Beautiful and amazing that so many people created this work of outdoor art.


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