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Adam Burn Redesigning Myths & Legends On Patreon

A few years back Adam started a personal art project redesigning the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in his own style, dubbing them Omens.

Starting with Death he went back and forth for some time as he learnt new techniques and developed the style of the project further.

Eventually, Adam finished Death and moved on to War, then Plague, and finally Conquest. Along the way he decided to add a more human element to the designs, also an excuse to work more on character concepts, this resulted in the Harbingers, devout followers of the Horsemen that precede the main Omen.

Whilst exhibiting at various comic conventions these images went down very well, many asking if the project would continue beyond the Four Horsemen and if so how.


Adam finally created a Patreon project to not only fund the project but also allow people to see how an image comes together, from initial reference gathering and mood boarding, building up color and texture, and finally to the finished image and giving supporters rewards in the form of prints, PSD files, and limited edition pieces.

The project is very much early in development and Adam has just started on its next phase, redesigning various gods of ancient Egypt, starting with Anubis.

All the Horsemen and their corresponding Harbingers are below, and you can check out Patreon page for more.




Harbinger of Conquest
Harbinger of Death
Harbinger of Plague
Harbinger of War

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