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Amazing Photos That Highlight The Dog’s Personality

Most people love dogs, right? It is one of the most favorites pets, being listed as the most loyal animal. But the following images will highlight the beauty of each breed and the unique character of each dog. Therefore, we have selected some of the most amazing photos with dogs.

The project called “Dog Show” has won numerous awards including Grand Prix at the Rangefinder Awards, first place at the PDN Creatures and Moscow International Photo Awards, silver medals at the Prix De La Photographie Paris and One Eyeland.

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The artists who took these photos are Alexander Khokhlov and Veronica Ershova, a duo of family photographers from Moscow, Russia. They have a great passion for dog photography. But in a different way, namely, they highlight the beauty of each breed but also the personality of the animals. The project was started in 2017, and since then dozens of dogs have participated.






















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