Amazing Real Life “Inception” Buildings by Alex Chinneck


    We’re almost sure that “Inception” is a movie that you already have seen. At least once… If not, we highly recommend it! 🙂
    These weirdly beautiful buildings were built out of the amazing imagination of Alex Chinneck. In his “defense”, this is what he said:

    “I try to make the everyday world that surrounds us momentarily extraordinary, weaving fantasy into familiarity. My work attempts to playfully challenge perceptions of possibility, refusing to let physics get in the way of imagination. I found it liberating to leave art school because my work discovered a freedom and confidence to roam across different disciplines. Architecture, engineering, construction and theatre design all feature in my practice and it is through collaboration with hundreds of practitioners across these fields that my ambitions become reality.

    The hardest trick is making something look easy. We take highly complex paths to create simple, playful, accessible, and hopefully, magical moments that reject intellectual elitism and welcome engagement from any audience member. In an increasingly digital world, sculptural practice and the creation of physically immersive experiences has never been so important. My sculptures are therefore real and not renders.” – Chinneck.

    Enjoy his work!

    Credits: | Instagram


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