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American Artist J. Scott Campbell Drew Sexy Versions Of Disney Princesses

American comic book artist J. Scott Campbell has drawn a series of portraits of Disney princesses.Because J. Scott Campbell decided to draw Disney princesses: ridiculously sexy edition. Titled ‘Fairytale Fantasies’, the series shows a topless Ariel with envy-inducing hair, Cinderella with RIDONKULOUS cleavage, and even a bad-ass Elsa yielding a pack of WOLVES.

They’re hot. They’re weird. They’re giving us a lot of confusing feelings.

Obviously, they’re extremely well done. Campbell does work for Marvel (he’s previously done cover art for The Amazing Spiderman, so, you know, he’s legit), and he’s clearly very talented. But we just DON’T KNOW HOW TO FEEL.

More Info : Deviantart







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