Artist Captures Apocalyptic Aerial Photos Of Sand-Covered Roads

It’s really hard to believe that these apocalyptic images can be captured with a camera. In addition to the stunning scenery that the images offer you, you can see the beauty of nature and the elements that surround us. There is a place in the United Arab Emirates that can present us with such landscapes, detached from a world that is apocalyptic. Some truly amazing photos, shot by Australian photographer Irenaeus Herok, show how the desert can “swallow” the highways, places and even settlements of the Emirate.

These places are completely amazing as they have been able to withstand over time, being in a region that does not favor the development of infrastructure. For example, Dubai was built in a port city, which did not favor the development of the metropolis in just a few decades. Something amazing in my opinion, something worth highlighting is the splendor and beauty of Dubai.

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Irenaeus Herok expert in landscape and portrait photography, which makes him to travel a lot. The photographer travels all over the globe being attracted by gorgeous areas that he can capture. Having an attraction to combine aspects of today with the traditional ones. What you can see in his work is how he combines technique, talent and passion.

This work can be seen in several publications such as 212 Magazine, Take Take Pictures, Spiegel, Vice, Wired, VanityFair Newscientist, TravelBook and The Guardian.
In other words, Irenaeus, he has many pictures that can surprise you. I think people who dedicate their time for their passion, should be appreciated.




























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