Can’t Let Them Drop!

Art has the power to mesmerize and change the world. That’s why art is always preserved properly.

And so, people can go to great lengths to preserve great art. Just like this woman is doing.

The woman seems to have some kind of sixth sense. She could already sense the small poles are going to drop. And no, she is not going to let them drop that easily.

So, she waited and saw the small poles getting released one after the other. But the woman has amazing reflexes.


She doesn’t really have to look at which one is falling first. It seems as if she could feel the changes in the air as one of them drops.

And with her amazing reflexes, she starts catching each of them and slowly dropping it in the secured basket underneath.

She is as fast as lightning. Yep – if Flash wasn’t fictional, she would be the one. And her sixth sense keeps working even while she catches the small poles.

Well, whatever be the situation, it is clear – this woman knows how to preserve stuff. She’s not doing it for the show – she genuinely likes art.


And so, she is bringing a new meaning to the term ‘art preservation’ with her fast catching skills.

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