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Art is part of our human soul. It is dreams emerging from a part of ourselves, a way to communicate with the deeper self of both the artist and others. The same piece invokes different emotions depending on the person, their mood, their time of life. Art is pictures; art is sculpture; art is the creative word; art is music. We are all artists in our various ways, all born to be creative.

Yehuda Devir Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife In Funny Comics

Yehuda is a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator, comic artist and character designer who creates amazing comics about his daily domestic adventures with his wife, Maya. Yehuda’s wife...

​Katrina Yu Turn The Stories That Exist In Her Head Into Reality Using Photoshop

Katrina Yu is a photographer and a retoucher. And in her free time, she loves to create imaginary scenes that tell a story. More: Instagram   

Painting On Feathers, By Imogen Clark

When he started painting feathers in 2013 he never knew it would become so popular. Now, he knows and people all over the world...

Joseph Kraham Made Incredible Mosaics, Using Thousands Of LEGO Pieces

Joseph Kraham considered himself a "horrible" artist, as he didn't know how to draw, paint or shade. Everything changed in 2014, when he and his...

Rita Synnøve Sharma Uses Makeup, UV Paint And Light To Create Glow-In-The-Dark Looks

Rita is 24-year-old girl from Norway. And she is a self-taught makeup artist. Her makeup journey has a very dark start. Rita struggled with eating...

Illustrations That Show The Crazy Life Of Being A Cat

Draw An from Taiwan loves drawing watercolor paintings of cats, and he wants to show you some of his favorite watercolor paintings. More: Facebook | Instagram | Etsy      

Superb Book Illustrations By Antonio Caparo

Antonio is an illustrator, graphic designer and comic artist living in Montreal, Canada. His works have been published on children’s books, novels, and institutional materials...

Sasha Bikoff Creates The Funkiest Staircase Ever

Sasha’s idea was for Show House visitors to see a “technicolor dream” and so used a mix of zany squiggles, prints, and colours for...

Chevrolet Has Another Life-Size LEGO Build, This Time Its A Silverado

The Full-size LEGO 2019 Chevrolet Silverado (1,500 kilograms) was created by 18 LEGO master builders, burning through over 2,000 hours. It packs an astonishing...

“Last Breath”: Dark Horror And Nightmare Paintings By Oleg Vdovenko

Science fiction horrors from the depths of Russian artist Oleg Vdovenko’s imagination. More: Artstation, DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram  

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