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Colombian Artist Uses Paper To Create Realistic Birds Sculptures

Diana Beltrán Herrera is an artist that transform pieces of colored paper into 3D birds shapes very realistic. Colombian artist has a passion for birds since childhood, but 7 years ago she decide to turn this passion into art and start to create admirable sculptures.  In these 7 years, Diana has amassed a collection of over a hundred paper birds. This realistic sculptures are made entirely of paper cut into various shapes.

The artist arranges the pieces of colored paper, managing to make some masterpieces that are amazing, detailed and carefully processed. Her sculptures represent a variety of bird species from around the world. Through her creations she emphasizes the importance of the connection between human and nature. Herrera choose paper as the base material due to its easy-to-shape structure. If you don’t pay attention to the details, her creations can fool your eyes very easily due to their realistic appearance.

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“ I used to live in Helsinki and there, I connected with nature, especially with birds. I started to notice how they lived within the urban city and the interaction between humans and nature was very respectful. When I started working with paper, I found that it was a great material as it could be transformed into organic shapes—for example, if you cut it into small pieces, you can create intricate subjects. To me, paper has great potential and can transform into almost anything. I have been working with paper over the last 7 years and my work is often jumping into different categories that all relate to nature: It could be sculptures of animals, fruits, book covers, advertising, or visual images,”



“I feel inspired by art, design, and nature, but almost anything, really. The best I try to do is to allow ideas to come from everywhere, and I really like looking at everyday things. Also, I enjoy looking at botanical illustration books, online documents, and other things people have made. If I’m making flowers, I’ll go get flowers and press them. If I am making fruit, I will go to the market and find a few real ones that I will study in front of my workspace. It’s all about collecting images, collecting thoughts, collecting ideas,”



“In the beginning, my work always starts with references from things I have to do. I have to research and collect a good amount of images. After that, I do a lot of digital sketches that I create in Illustrator. I print my drawings and use them as a reference. I then choose the type of paper I need. Sometimes I paint the paper if the tones I need are very specific. After that, it’s cutting, painting, putting it all together, and finally, the photos. I like to take the photos of the process to keep as documentation, it allows me to see how things start and then turn into a sculpture. A bird often takes from a week up to a month depending on the size and detail. But nowadays I do more than birds so it always varies from one subject to the other.”

























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