Derek Mederos Creates Realistic Paintings With Bubble Wrap

Derek Mederos made this amazing series of paintings with a bubble wrap, realizing an incredible optical illusion through his detailed creations. Paintings are made with much work and attention to detail, they illustrate different female portraits. These are painted by Derek and is a real work created with much imagination and patience. Obviously, Derek is skilled in realistic art creation, and this can be seen in his absolutely amazing masterpieces with bubble wrap.

The painter has over 150k followers on his Instagram profile where shows his incredible art collection. Is difficult to recreate reality on the canvas, especially when a mistake can change the meaning of the painting. Derek transform each realistic work by his bubble-coating technique and the artistic masterpieces convey this by themselves. The idea with him come is probably something new and it’s nice to see how artists evolves and adds their personal cough creations in a unique style.

More info: Instagram | Facebook

Credits Images: dr_mederos































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