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Dracula Parrot Is Creepy And Beautiful All At Once

Dracula Parrot is famous for its impressive appearance, with a parrot body, the size of a baby and an eagle’s head, this wonderful parrot manages to arouse sympathy from all over the world. Being more than half brown and sometimes a shade of bright red, it attracts anyone’s eyes.
This magnificent parrot originates in the forests of the lower mountains of New Guinea. Also called the Pesquet parrot or the parrot eagle, it will surprise you by its striking resemblance to an eagle.


Dracula Parrot can reach 18 inches, almost a meter with a measurement from the beak to the tail.
Taking into account the beautiful appearance of the parrot, it can also frighten you when it makes its voice sound more like a grunt. It is quite impressive to have the opportunity to meet such a parrot.
According to, the parrot’s voice sounded: “harsh and scratchy; also described as hoarse. And yelled out frequently in flight. ”



This is a species that feeds only on certain types of figs, being also one of the 3 species of parrots that have no feathers on the face. This has evolved so for a better efficiency in collecting the pulp of the food.
Being a rare species encountered, except in a certain area, the number of species is quite small. The species of the Dracula Parrot is near extinction according to the Red List.
Unfortunately, the parrot’s beautiful appearance and intensely colored feathers make hunters look for it and the world invades their habitat to admire it. This is strongly felt by the species because in total their number is between 20k and 49k mature and this is in a continuous decrease.


According to the red list, “The feather hunt has increased with the increase of the population. The current rates of decline due to hunting are uncertain, but may be relatively low, and the species appears safe in large areas of suitable habitat in central and western Papua New Guinea, much of it occurring on rough terrain in densely populated areas. Low human population. ”



Which means that this species could evolve and live much better in the absence of human activities that destroy its habitat. And human curiosity can sometimes lead a species to endanger.
We have not yet discovered all the animal species existing on the globe, maybe there are many and more beautiful ones that we have not yet known about their existence. We need to be more careful with the environment in order to maintain a safe place and for future generations.

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