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French Artist Transform A Old Gas Tank Into A Sphynx Cat

Tom Bragado Blanco is a 3D drawing magician who manages to transform even a gas tank into masterpiece through his technique that can give you the impression of an optical illusion. Tom is an artist from Marseille, France who creates 3D masterpieces that perfectly blend with the environment. One of his most recent works is a giant sphinx cat, a masterpiece that combined it in the middle of a field. The artist used an old gas tank as a canvas, although this is not an ordinary approach, the tank has become an impressive 3D painting.

The picture that he painted depicts a giant, gray sphinx cat hiding in the grass and looking at a dog whose owner is trying to keep him away from the cat. His street art is made using a technique that Tom learned in 2011 and is called aerography. His pieces are created through a lot of work and attention to details, each of his paintings being impressive. The artist drew animated characters or people using the same technique that can fool your eyes.

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#8  Below are more 3D street art works by Tom Bragado Blanco











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