Funny Mistake – Dont Be Gealous

How many times have you gone past a couple working out? Repping out those sets and then posting an Instagram picture – #couplegoals!

And how many times will you be seeing an extremely jealous girlfriend come out and push the other girl away? No one likes others to interfere in their relationship unless one of them is to blame.

The boyfriend’s a cheat? No. The ‘girl’ who was helping him rep out those leg presses could actually be his trainer or friend just with long hair and questionably short shorts.

And while the photographer, whom we can assume to wrap up the three musketeers was trying to click a video about couple goals, the girlfriend barges in.


And what a push! Holy Moses, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

The girl pushes the other guy away and claims what’s hers. You go, girl! But as she pushed the ‘girl’ away, the trainer turned around and displayed his luscious locks for the entire world to see.

What shampoo do you use, brother? We’re dying to know!

A classic switcheroo, if there ever was one. But all in good fun, although the guy might have to sleep on the couch tonight. Not really fair for him, is it?


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