Handmade Creatures From A Fantasy World By Maryana Kopylova


Zyabras are fantastic space creatures who live on Earth to help nature and all living beings.

Maryana Kopylova has created this fantasy world for many years with great love.

Each Zyabra has its own mission: one keeps peace in the forest, another sings lullabies to birds, the third one grazes snails in the meadow..

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Forest Dreamer

Lunar Dreamer

Guardian Of The Solar Planet

Gatherer Of Morning Dew

Annantu: Keeper Of The Forest Thicket

Star Unicorn

May’s Key

Woody Dreamer

Keeper Of Forest Peace

Akkutomi: Awakening Forest At Dawn

Hannu From The Mossy Forest

Amyoha And The Golden Walnut


Wind Talker

Space Traveler

Falling Star Catcher

Forrest Zyabra-Rat

Il-Ori: Awakening Autumn Forest

Space Forester

Fading Autumn Contemplator

Space Forester

Aeynu: Someone Who Banishes Evil Dreams

Autumn Messenger

Akivni: Windtalker

Youri: Warming Winter Trees

Interstellar Bell-Ringer Tu-Floubu

Star Unicorn

Atturi: Catcher Of Voices From Other Galaxies

Tuovi: Snail-Shepherd

Niabo: Host Of Snowy Land





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