If you’re tired of #FollowMeTo Instagram Pics, This Photographer’s version of him petting his dog in these amazing places will make your day!


By now, the #FollowMeTo trend have had his rise in social media, but lately too many people tried to imitate the artist who started the trend, and the results did not matched the originals. Honza Řeháček on the other hand, a freelance photographer from Czechia with a passion for nature, travel and especially for his wolf dog Sitka, turned this idea into a heart melting photo album illustrating the perfect bond between a man and his best friend.

If you feel inspired by this artist, just take your pet out there and share your connection to the world!

If you’re a dog person, follow Honza and Sitka’s quest in the selection we’ve made bellow.

Follow the artist on: Instagram | Website


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