In-Between The Lines

‘All that is gold does not glitter’

Art does not always need big and expensive tools to express itself. Creativity does not need to fall into the convention.

With the right amount of will power and imagination, art can be created from and found anywhere.

Just look at these lines. Using just a cup and a ruler this artist is doing something wonderful. It must have taken him many trials to get it right.


They just appear to be distorted lines now, if you wait and watch they would become much more.

Part by part, line by line these things have to be made. A little lack of patience, a stroke uneven could ruin the magic. What magic I talk about you ask? Here watch it unfold behind the striped sheet.

Did you see the rotating cube? Did you ever imagine that lines in a circle, lines drawn with scale and cups could fetch such an amazing moving image?

This is an art of future past- the past of motion pictures and the future of creative thinking. To draw something still might be easy but to make that still image move is a challenge. This is the future element of modern art.


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Mayuk Saha

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