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Incredible Fairy Tale Photos From The Harbin Snow Festival

The Harbin Snow Festival is currently the largest ice festival in the world, the first edition starting in December 1999. In the first years the participants were only Chinese ,however, it continued to grow until it became a festival and an international competition. In other words the festival image has changed and people have started to create more and more interesting things.

Millions of visitors from all over the world come to discover the sculpting ice, with tens of meters high, who surprise everyone. Sure is the most beautiful winter place where you can go.

In a fairy tale landscape made of buildings and multicolored monuments, of natural dimensions, made of ice cubes. This festival can change your vision of what a winter landscape can be.




Image credits: Winnie

The amazing buildings enchant the participants in recent years, the imagination of the artists is unlimited at this festival. It’s amazing what they can create from ice and snow. The festival is at its 36th edition.



Image credits: Winnie


Image credits: Winnie


Image credits: Winnie

The ice kingdom of Harbin covers an area equal to 100 football pitches at one place, and the most importantly ice sculpture is a castle.Over the 600,000 huge ice cubes have been used for the construction in the Chinese City of Harbin.

The castle has a height of 51 meters and will be declared by the Book of Records the tallest and largest sculpture of ice and snow in the world. About 10,000 workers participated in the arrangement and sculpture of the ice.


Image credits: Reforma


Image credits: Reforma


Image credits: Reforma


Image credits: Reforma


Image credits: Channel 4 news


Image credits: Channel 4 news





Image credits: the.independent


Image credits:planet_levels








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