It Ain’t Easy!

First step of surviving in a kitchen for any chef is to learn to multitask.

But chopping and sautéing, plating and serving are so conventional and boring. Almost anyone can do it these days.

So what’s new? How about the most important talent a specialized chain needs? There you go. Look at that man filling the beer glasses.

What’s so special you ask? Multitasking at the next level.


He is not holding two bottles in two hands and filling up. That is too commonplace for him. Nope. He is filling up four bottles at once.

His face is focused but just one look and you could tell- it not his first time. He is a pro. He is one dedicated pro.

Those glasses could fall. Hell, those bottles could fall. And it doesn’t matter how good it was to look at, he will have to pay for it if he missed it.

But no he doesn’t. He does not just fill the glasses and straighten them. He takes all four bottles, gives them a good old shake and makes sure that the froth touches the brim.


And the other staff moves about without a second glance as if it’s the most common thing in a kitchen. Now that is confidence.

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Mayuk Saha

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