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Japanese Mom Turns Children’s Breakfast In Cartoon

I think we all had hesitation about a dish just because of its aspect,but the biggest criticisms are children when they comes to breakfast. This mom came up with a brilliant idea to turn the food into a real scene full of cartoon characters. The star element is the egg, it transforms each dish with its new aspect that children adore. Dishes look cute and appetizing at the same time and are a great combination between food and art. What is more beautiful than seeing your favorite characters in your little breakfast, I think all the children would be very happy to change their mornings with such a culinary surprise.

Mother who made these dishes is known as Etoni Mama and lives in Tokyo, Japan. She is the mother of three girls aged 7,9 and 11 who enjoy this colorful breakfast inspired by their favorite cartoon. Etoni is definitely talented in  preparation of dishes in the style of Kyaraben. This is a Japanese lunch style meal with some dishes decorated to show guests various pop culture characters, including plants and animals. Mom manages to prepare some amazing preparations that look great and could become future inspirational ideas for other moms. It’s nice to show our children that breakfast can become more fun with these dishes.

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Etoni was encouraged by a work colleague to share her work on Instagram, where she currently has 103k followers who love her work. She evolved and published a cookbook in which she helps parents serve their children delicious food that they cannot refuse. Mom has an amazing idea that would ease the morning parents work , with little skill and imagination.






































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