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Leonardo Frigo Spent Over 4 Years Illustrating Dante’s Inferno On Violins

Leonardo Frigo, an artist based in London. It illustrates biographies and stories about violins and cellulose. For more than 4 years it has been running a project called “Dante Alighieri – Inferno”. Leonardo Frigo grew up surrounded by artists, so he is supported in what he doing. It combines music, art and craftsmanship into one art. It is about 1 cello and 33 violins, on which he made emblematic illustrations inspired by the first chapter “cantica”chapter of the Divine Comedy: Inferno (Hell).
His activity is based on, his passion for art and Dante’s work. From this passion he created a true masterpiece that amazes by its detail. He managed to “dress” the instruments in a unique design.

He looks for symbols, names and illustrations which together outline his Dante’s story, after they have outlined a final design in the artist’s mind,begins to paint manually, with black ink all over the surface of the violin. Each violin is accompanied by a descriptive text that highlights and analyzes all its details.

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