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Mandalas are in fashion nowadays, whether it be in art or spirituality. They are just everywhere! People are making beautiful mandala illustrations too!

One interesting thing about mandalas is that they can be manipulated in different ways. Even though it’s just a circle, numerous patterns can be made inside them!

A mandala is a spiritual geometric pattern made by various religions. Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism have mandalas made as their spiritual symbols.

You can meditate on them, they help you concentrate. You can also use them to shut out the negative forces!


In fact, psychologists today are using the power of mandalas to heal mental illnesses like depression. It works wonders with anxiety issues too!

But creative artists use mandalas to make stunning drawings. It’s very easy to learn and make for a great hobby!

Drawing itself is very healing and relaxing. But drawing mandalas in even more so. It combines the spiritual as well as physical benefits of drawing.

Make your own mandalas and color them with vibrant colors to make them lively. Vibrant colors will make you feel happy.


You can also use toned down colors if you want a more calming effect. Anyway, a mandala looks beautiful and you must try making it once!

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