Neighbors Who Made The Neighborhood More Interesting

A collection of some of the funniest, the strangest, and the scariest neighbors we could find.

I Adopted The Neighborhood Stray Cat. My Neighbor’s Cat Got Her Pregnant. Woke Up To This

Neighbors Left Their Sprinklers On Overnight. It Dipped Below Freezing. Now They Have A Narnia Yard

This Is Carter. He Knocked On My Door To Ask If He Could Have A Banana Then Left


Our Fire Station Is Next Door To The Police Department. Pranks Ensue

Top: My Apartment’s Balcony (2 Guys). Bottom: Our Neighbor’s Balcony (2 Girls)

My Sister And Her Husband Live In A Small Town, They Came Home To This Note On Their Door

Bad Habit Cat

It’s 3 Am And My Neighbor Is Having A Meeting With Watermelons

My Neighbor Has A Turbine With A Bad Bearing. It’s Obnoxiously Loud. He Went To Go Check It Out Because It’s Been Real Quiet Lately

Google Maps Level Neighbor Feud

When You Receive A Complaint From Your Neighbors, It’s Important That You Do Your Best To Resolve It

Was Having A Super Bad Day. Then I Looked In My Neighbors Yard

My Neighbours Walk Their Parrots

My Sister Sent Me This Pic Of A Trash Panda Hanging Out In Her Neighbor’s Gutter

My Asshole Neighbor Freezes One Snowball To Throw At Me In Mid July. I Say This Summer, It’s Game On

My Neighbors’ Mailbox Is A Microwave

So My Friend Found This In Her New Neighbor’s Front Yard

Last Week I Put A Piece Of Tape On My Bin Lid To Fix A Crack. My 92-Year-Old Neighbor Obviously Thought We Were Labelling Our Bins With Our Unit Numbers

Friend Saw This On A Dorm Door. Which One Of You Did This?

My Neighbors Said They Would Be Filming A “Movie”. Not Really What I Had In Mind

I Tried Gesturing To My 93 Year Old Non-english Speaking Neighbor To Get A Scarecrow, The Next Day He Put This Up

Casually Leaning On The Fence Having A Look Over At Next Door

The Neighbors Decorated Their Lawn Penis Again

My Neighbor Left Some Notes For The Maintenance Guy

 Look Bob

My Neighbor Is A Tractor Enthusiast. He Drives Kids Around The Neighborhood To Catch Pokemon And Visit Pokestops

My Arsehole Of A Neighbour Leaves This In His Window To Scare Passers-By

My Mormon Neighbour’s Door Across The Hall. I’m So Going To Hell For This

How To Stop Your Neighbours From Hitting Their Balls Against Your Wall

Next Door Has A New Kitten. We Have Rabbits


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