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Puns vs Opposites: This artist’s different approach of the world, illustrating opposites of everyday objects

This funny approach of Teo Zirinis, AKA handsoffmydinosaur, is another inspired view of the world and everyday life masterfully show in his drawings. Based in the capital city of Greece, Athens, he creates funny illustrations inspired by food, books, cartoons and everyday life. In our point of view, we think his just an optimist, always...

Explosive Photoshoot of Alexander Yakovlev

Alexander Yakovlev's vision on dance redefined the way we see the work, passion and soul of dance artists. With the help of amazing models and simple props like flour, he managed to create art in it's purest form.Resident from Moscow and a graduate from the faculty of Law at the Russian State University For the Humanities, Alexander...

Unbelievable Disguise Artist Jonathan Stryker Turns himself into almost Any Character

With agility and a high attention to details, we bet there's no character that Jonathan Stryker can't become! We're sure that because of this thinking, this artist have become a "legend" of disguise. His work is inspiring, and more than that, a marvel to watch.More than 10 years ago he escaped anonymity by starting to believe in...

Contemporary Art Paintings By Stanislav Plutenko

The artist Stanislav Plutenko plays with colours. His paintings are vigorous, illustrative and imbued through by sarcasm of the reality.  

Moody Portrait Photography By Ryan DeKorver

Amazing female portraits by Ryan DeKorver, a talented photographer, retoucher, and artist currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ryan focuses mainly on street portraiture. He shoots stunning beauty, fashion, and moody portrait photography.    

Illustrations Of Today’s Problems By Gunduz Agayev

Gunduz Aghayev tried to show problems of today that are still noticeable after centuries and have not been solved yet.

Satirical Pop Culture Characters By Dan LuVisi

LA-based concept artist Dan LuVisi, features the most beloved characters from our childhood, in some unlikely, gruesome, and violent settings.  

Outstanding Photography By Ravshaniya Azulye

The artwork of the Uzbek professional photographer Ravshaniya Azulye is unique and outstanding in so many ways. In this post we picked up the best Ravshaniya’s photos in the genres of portraits and staged photo. Credits: Ravshaniya Azulye

Unbelievable Fate Coincidences

A coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances that have no apparent causal connection with one another. The perception of remarkable coincidences may lead to supernatural, occult, or paranormal claims. Or it may lead to belief in fatalism, which is a doctrine that events will happen in the exact manner of a predetermined plan. Us Nurse Discovered That Her Colleague Doctor Was Premature Baby She...

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