Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Andrew Tarusov Turned Disney Princesses Into Maniacs From Horror Movies

What if famous maniacs and characters from the horror movies would be Disney Princesses? Artist Andrew Tarusov has illustrated a series of posters depicting Disney princesses as characters from the classic horror movies.

Christine McConnell Makes Amazing Freddie Mercury Birthday Cake

“#BohemianRhapsody will be in theaters Nov 2nd and @20thCenturyFox asked me to make a cake for an event they’re having on Freddie’s Birthday today! I’ve always loved Queen and am nothing if not gaudy, so I went a little over the top… It’s a Victoria Sponge cake with a white Chocolate bust of #FreddieMercury. Everything is edible and delicious...

This Street Artist Creates Amazing Beats with just some Buckets, Pans and Pipes

We're proud to say that we've seen Dario Rossi live, doing a whole 40 minutes show for us, using only his buckets, pans, woks and charisma. Many will say that Techno music was first, and Dario Rossi just imitates that, but listening to him live, we could say it's the other way around.

Good Disney Princesses gone Bad(ass)!

As you probably already know, everything and everyone in Russia is Bigger and Badder than the rest of the world. It might not be literally true, but the following drawings might make a statement in that direction.Russian artist Artemii Myasnikov mixes fantasy and futuristic tech to create these awesome versions of the following Disney characters, and...

Entries Of The 2019 Sony World Photography Awards

This leading photograph competition where everyone can participate has taken place for the past 12 years and is divided into four divisions —Professional, Open, Youth, and Student. For the announcement of this year’s competition, expert jury of Sony photography awards has released early entries of the open contest that prove how fierce this year’s competition will be. Participants can...

Venezuela + KiteSurfing = Love

Venezuela is a country on the northern coast of South America with diverse natural attractions. Along its Caribbean coast are tropical resort islands including Isla de Margarita and the Los Roques archipelago. To the northwest are the Andes Mountains and the colonial town of Mérida, a base for visiting Sierra Nevada...

Puns vs Opposites: This artist’s different approach of the world, illustrating opposites of everyday objects

This funny approach of Teo Zirinis, AKA handsoffmydinosaur, is another inspired view of the world and everyday life masterfully show in his drawings. Based in the capital city of Greece, Athens, he creates funny illustrations inspired by food, books, cartoons and everyday life. In our point of view, we think his just an optimist, always...

Explosive Photoshoot of Alexander Yakovlev

Alexander Yakovlev's vision on dance redefined the way we see the work, passion and soul of dance artists. With the help of amazing models and simple props like flour, he managed to create art in it's purest form.Resident from Moscow and a graduate from the faculty of Law at the Russian State University For the Humanities, Alexander...

Unbelievable Disguise Artist Jonathan Stryker Turns himself into almost Any Character

With agility and a high attention to details, we bet there's no character that Jonathan Stryker can't become! We're sure that because of this thinking, this artist have become a "legend" of disguise. His work is inspiring, and more than that, a marvel to watch.More than 10 years ago he escaped anonymity by starting to believe in...

Contemporary Art Paintings By Stanislav Plutenko

The artist Stanislav Plutenko plays with colours. His paintings are vigorous, illustrative and imbued through by sarcasm of the reality.  

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