People In Sofia – Bulgaria Keep Vandalizing This Monument And Some Of Its Makeovers Are Funny

In Sofia, a huge monument for the Soviet Army was built in 1954. However, the monument becomes a victim of vandalism over and over again. The city officials clean it only to find it painted over again.

It’s started in 2011 when the monument was painted to look like a mish-mash of American pop-culture icons

credit: Ignat Ignev

In 2012, the monument’s soldiers were given balaclavas in support of Pussy Riot

credit: Nikolay Tsekov

In 2013, it was covered in pink in honor of the anniversary of the Prague Spring in 1968

credit: Ignat Ignev

In 2014, it announced “Glory to Ukraine”

credit: Vassia Atanassova

Here’s how the monument looks without any paint on it

credit: kashulk

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