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Photographer Captures Waves On Lake Erie As Liquid Mountains

Dave Standford is an professional photographer based in London, Ontario, Canada. He is also a professional sportsman, working for 21 years with the NHL, NBA and Hama Hockey. The artist was passionate about photography, posing since then animals, landscapes or nature.
In the last months of the previous year, Dave dedicated 2-3 days a week to Lake Erie. He drove for 45 minutes to capture stunning scenery.

” What you may not know about me is that my passion for photography was born from a love of nature and wildlife. My earliest attempts at photography, as a child and into my teen years, were of birds, critters and beautiful Canadian landscapes. I’ve been fortunate, as an adult, to photograph far beyond Canada’s boarders from the frozen tundra of the Arctic to the warm waters of the South Pacific capturing diverse wildlife and landscapes. ”    Dave Standford

The pictures that the artist offered are even fantastic, highlighting the beauty of the waves reaching impressive heights, sometimes having the impression that they are united with the sky. He uploaded a multitude of photos that highlight the charm of nature on his Instagram profile. This beautiful aspect is due to the cold weather, coming with strong winds and causing violent waves. Lake Erie is a wonderful place where you can admire its nature and beauty but it has also caused thousands of wrecks in the last decades.

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