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Photographers Transforms Disney Stars In African American Princesses

Probably every little girl in the world at least once wanted to be Disney Princess. What is little discouraging is that Disney princesses are also from books and have a pretty close pattern that not all children can relate to.

What I find extraordinary is the following images featuring colorful and courageous princesses, dressed in traditional elements, African-American princesses will likely change your mind about the princesses world. Regis and Kahran the fantastic duo, created 14 fantastic work with photos of princesses.

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#1 Princess Moana


“The response on social networks has been amazing, currently, over 75,000 hits on our Facebook post and a few other pages.”
Artists connect their passions to capture precious moments. Forming a couple “fell head over heels in love with each other”, and later creating CreativeSoul Photography.
They have been working with families, children and brands for about 7 years to create amazing visual stories.”Their holistic approach to capturing unique moments allowed their work to be featured in Essence magazine, Munaluchi Bride, MochaKid magazine, on The Real daytime talk show, on the OWN network and more. “

#2  Princess Rapunzel

#3  Princess Ariel

#4 Princess Belle


#5  Princess Anna

#6  Princess Tiana

#7  Princess Snow White

#8 Princess Cinderella


#9 Princess Elsa

#10 Princess Shuri

#11 Princess Pocahontas

#12 Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)


#13 Princess Nala

#14 Princess Jasmine


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