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Photographs With Birds And Their Unique Characteristics

Just as each person has his own characteristics and is different from the rest, so do birds have their own characteristics by which they are differentiated by the others. They all have different characteristics, traits, talents and styles. If we look more closely not only each species is different, but also each individual.

Birds are differentiated by their bravery, or throught their timidity, sometimes asleep or restless. Each bird is special in its own way through its amazing feathers , or unique mating dances. This photographer managed to capture the different characteristics of each bird. There are romantics, fighters, sportsmen and clumsy fellows.

These birds are the voice of mornings with the sun, their chirping is a truly relaxing song that sends you to another world. I think the world would be sadder without our winged friends and I think they need to be protected and helped to live in their natural environment.

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#1 The Sneaky One

#2 The Talker

#3 The Clean One

#4 The Wrathful


#5 The Puffy One

#6 The Gang

#7 The Acrobat

#8 The Bodyguard


#9 The Bright One

#10 The Busy One

#11 The Camouflaged One

#12 The Caring One


#13 The Chaotic One

#14 The Clumsy Fellow

#15 The Cutie-Pie

#16 The Dancer


#17 The Fighter

#18 The Fortune Teller

#19 The Gentleman

#20 The Glutton


#21 The Greedy One

#22 The Grumpy One

#23 The Pearl Diver

#24 The Punkrocker


#25 The Rising Star

#26 The Rock In The Waves

#27 The Skydiver

#28 The Sleepy One


#29 The Supermodel

#30 The Vain One

#31 The Voyeur

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