Powerful Photos Shows The Ongoing Protests In Hong Kong


For the past 10 weeks, Hong Kong has been in the midst of ongoing protests that have taken to the streets and, most recently, the local airport. The demonstrations were spurred by a controversial bill that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China where the courts are controlled by the Communist party. Since this time, however, the protests have grown into a larger, all-encompassing pro-democracy campaign.

Hong Kong is technically a special administrative region that has its own government and economic systems. As one of the world’s most expensive and densely populated cities, it is technically separate from mainland China; however, in recent years, Beijing has exerted more influence over Hong Kong. Activists, for example, have been imprisoned and pro-democracy lawmakers have been barred from running or holding office. This has even trickled down to independent booksellers. These purveyors have disappeared from the city only to resurface on the mainland and face criminal charges.

The loss of a “high degree of autonomy” over time has fanned the flames of public anger and encouraged millions to demand change at the risk of personal safety. There have been aggressive tactics used by police against protestors including tear gas and rubber bullets. On July 21, gangs of men attacked activists and commuters at a transit station, and on August 12, a woman was hit in her eye (by a beanbag or rubber bullet) by police. Pro-democracy protesters, however, have committed to keeping this movement going until their demands are met and the city’s leader, Carrie Lam, resigns. Through it all, both professional and amateur photographers have been documenting this significant moment in history, capturing the passion and chaos of a nation at a potential turning point.

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Protesters shield themselves with umbrellas against pepper spray used by the police outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong from pics

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What started as a peaceful protest became a broad repudiation of Chinese control. Hundreds of thousands of people marched to protest the Hong Kong government on a holiday that marks Hong Kong’s return to China from British rule. Elsewhere in the city, protests took a destructive turn in the early morning and clashes with riot police wielding batons and pepper spray left protesters injured. By the afternoon, one group of demonstrators had used a steel cart to break through the glass facade of Hong Kong’s legislature and worked for hours to move deeper into the building, destroying surveillance cameras and spray-painting messages like "Release the Righteous” over the walls. @lamyikfei shot these photos. Click the link in bio to read more.

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Hong Kong Protesters Occupy The Airport – All Flights in and out cancelled from pics




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