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Raku Inoue Creates Animal Sculptures From Leaves And Flowers

Raku Inoue uses a traditional Japanese technique called Ikebana, to create different insects or animals from leaves and flowers. Creator of these amazing works  from Monreal, a photographer and artist who finds his inspiration in nature.
Raku uses for his creations leaves and flowers of his own garden, the works are insects or birds inspired by nature. His series of continuous art ‘Insects Natura’ presents an impressive collection of butterflies, cockroaches, spiders and even owls that are made from floral arrangements.

After the detailed work of the artist to create an arrangement, he places them on a white background to highlight the natural beauty of his art. Inoue is a Japanese artist who used to spend the summer with his grandmother in a rural area near Hiroshima. Her left the door open for dragonflies, believing that they represent the presence of her regretted husband, and from here his love for insects and nature began.

“One day, it was very windy so most of the delicate petals from the rose bush fell onto the ground. I picked them up and made the very first floral insect. I have made many insects since then and now, I strive to push the boundaries of floral art,”

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“I was born in Tokyo, Japan and moved to Montreal, Canada around age of 9. Growing up, I was very much influenced by both cultures so that folding origamis and painting graffitis never felt too disconnected from each other. Curious by nature, I have experimented with multiple ways of expressing art: sculpting, drawing, painting and capturing photographs to name a few. In the past, my work have been often based on polymer clay, digital photography and Photoshop. Although presently, I am largely inspired by nature, it’s beauty and everything that it has to offer in form of raw materials.” -Raku Inoue-









































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