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Spectacular Artworks At World Bodypainting Festival 2018

Professional photographer Dmitri Moisseev was lucky to travel from Ottawa (Canada) to Klagenfurt (Austria) and take photos at this incredible festival.

More info:

Artist: Ottorina Danese

Artist: Andrea Benocci

Artists: Gloria Bordin And Giulia Ronzoni


Artist: Cavicchio Francesca

Artist: Marzia Bedeschi

Artists: Matteo Arfanotti And Nick Wolfe

Artist: Tiziana La Monica


Artist: Alex Hansen

Artist: Kristina Komarowa

Artist: Claudia Kraemer

Artist: Sofia Bue


Artist: Bon Ki Bonnie Yiu

Artist: Anna Chapovalov

Artist: Yulia Vlasova

Artists: Nerea Senserrich Campos (Left) And Vic Lai (Right)


Artist: Corina Tudor

Artist: Einat Dan

Artist: Lorraine Haise

Artist: Olena Kharchenko


Artist: Silke Kirchhoff

Artist: Maryna Halachova

Artist: Viktorija Radchenko


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