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Spencer Byles Sculpts With Organic Elements Found In Forests

Spencer Byles is an incredible sculptural artist who spent a year making sculptures made of natural materials found in the unmanaged forests of La Colle Sur Loup, Villeneuve Loubet and Mougins. He live with his family in Sur Loup, probably from here comes the passion for nature but also respect for it. Working only with elements found in nature, Spencer made some impressive sculptures that fit perfectly with the natural landscapes of forests. With much patience and imagination, Spencer has given them different shapes such as circles and squares, but what makes his work really impressive is the multitude of details present in each masterpiece.

Unfortunately, if you wanted to see these works in reality, you should have prepared for an expedition through these forests, but the results would certainly be worth it. Indeed, if it were discovered by anyone, by chance, that person would have a magical surprise.
Truly impressive, Spencer has made works with materials from the environment and the sculptures will not withstand and in time will be recovered by the natural environment that helped the artist to create them. Being a natural circle that doesn’t harm the environment really makes Spencer special.

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The artist said that the highest challenge was “working completely on my own every day for over a year. I am a very social person but within a short time I began to enjoy and really value the long days alone in the nature”.




“I acquired permission to work in a wild forest above the village where I live. I spent three months preparing the project and located over 20 specific sites that had unique characteristics plus an abundance of materials with which to build my work”













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