Stand Straight!

Remember the last time your sleep-addled brain poured the toothpaste down the drain? Or did you pour out too much and had to use it because…well, you can’t let it go to waste?

At least you’re not one of those who accidentally use a face wash as toothpaste, are you?

Whatever category you belong to, here is a solution to your problem. Just take a look at these babies. They are the mascots of ‘it takes only this much creativity to make life simple’.

Just look how simple it is. Slide the tail end of your toothpaste into the slot in the key and then slide the key into the stand. This bad boy will take care of the rest for you.


This would make your sink space appear classy too. It’s chic. It’s cool. It’s smart. It’s convenient.

It is made for your bathroom. And you need not limit it to toothpaste.

Anything with a tube can be made to stand on this and save you desk space and draw your gaze to it so that you do not miss things.

Every time you just need to turn the keys to a simpler and better brushing experience. Your morning routine would become a lot more hassle-free.


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Mayuk Saha

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