A Love Story That Has Been Maintained Over The Years

I think love is the strongest feeling on earth, don't take anything into account, especially age. The love that the…

2 weeks ago

People Get Photographed Before And After Seeing Their Loved One, And It Reveals How True Love Looks

Dating website Sentimente wanted to see the effect that love has on us. Visually. So they invited a few folks…

4 months ago

Idyllic Illustrations Of Love And Affection By Zac Retz

Zac Retz is a visual development artist who paints and designs for feature films. With soft edges and simplicity, these…

1 year ago

If you’re tired of #FollowMeTo Instagram Pics, This Photographer’s version of him petting his dog in these amazing places will make your day!

By now, the #FollowMeTo trend have had his rise in social media, but lately too many people tried to imitate…

1 year ago

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