Tattoo For Makeup

You can single out the extraordinary. What appears as an odd duck to some is raw beauty to others.

Look into their faraway eyes. They are light-years away, somewhere you could not even trace their path to.

Take a look at this wild artist. Look how she stares unblinkingly at you before she covers her face with her hands with another face.

Look at her second face with intricate designs. Look at the lines, the drawings, and the strokes.


Bold figures sketched on those hands. Look at the strength in that face, the reality the conviction. You would want to be that person.

The drawing tell a story. There is beauty. There is passion. There are sharp edges to those black lines on her skin. There are flowers and petals. There are thorns.

This is the makeup you wear to face a war with every breath. This is a makeup you do not smudge. This is a makeup that would not wash away. This is a makeup that gives incredible pain when it leaves. This is a makeup you do not take off.

So wear your tattoo as your second face. Just because you made it on yourself does not mean it’s not real.


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