The Art Of Cleaning – Pro Version

Everyone has their own cleaning styles, some people prefer mopping, some people like the convenience of a vacuum cleaner.

But perhaps this one style might leave you a little dumbfounded. The guy in the foreground was certainly appreciating the view in the camera.

But his appreciation clearly turns into amusement as the woman in the background detaches the vacuum.

Although there isn’t a clear indication of how effective the cleaning style was, it probably did provide a ‘sense of cleanliness’.


You know, all’s well that ends well, eh? We could only think and wonder what other parts of the house have been cleaned in the very same manner.

We certainly hope that their kitchen is not the victim of this rather unusual style of cleaning.

Imagine sitting down for dinner with all the guests and from the ceiling drops some dust! Dust she probably had cleaned in a similar manner!

It certainly might give some of you all goosebumps to think of the cleaning that must be going on in the house.


But, if the woman is truly unmindful of her actions, shouldn’t the man be helping her out? Instead of making gifs? We wonder…

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