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The Artist Creates Tattoos With Flowers Inspired By Renaissance

Many people are attracted to tattoos, of different sizes, shapes and meanings, but, of course, there are people who do not appreciate this art. If you are the type of person which disagree with tattoo sleeve surely Esther Garcia’s talent will make you think a little more about this tattoo art. You will probably be surprised at their quality and, more than likely, you will change your mind about the size of a tattoo. Garcia has a true ability to tattoo sleeves with a black background with flowers of different sizes and shapes.

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The tattoo artist from Chicago paints clients’ bodies in different floral patterns such as sweet peas, garden roses, peonies, but accompanied by butterflies and birds.
She recognizes that she chose the black background because it is a perfect contrast. Some tattoos that will probably make you stand out, indeed Esther Garcia is a great artist.



I think that tattoos are an art and it is special that every tattoo of a person has meaning for him. Her creations are incredible, an inspiration for her being the tradition of 17th century Dutch floral painting.


The artist with a 20 year career in tattoos, she manages to surprise every client through the beauty of tattoos. She says that early on this kind of tattoo was used to cover old tattoos or wound.



“I exclusively offer my own projects for people to choose from. The primary benefit is that I get to work with clients who are very comfortable with my process. Even if they are not experienced tattoo collectors, they have done their research and are happy to put themselves in my hands,”  Esther Garcia


“It’s an honor and a joy to work like this and it’s great to show up for work and know we’re both so excited to be there. I used to feel so much pressure to ‘mind-read’ to some degree, to please the client – this method seems to sidestep that entirely, so I can rest easier and do my work in a more relaxed frame of mind.” Esther Garcia


After 20 years working at her Butterfat studio in Chicago, she goes to Off-body projects and works with artist Kyle Letendre on a textile and commercial design project called Flower Thieves.



The artist works in travel workshops that teach young artists to open a sustainable business, which is maintained. She also shares information about her projects on her Instagram profile and web site, in case you’re interested, can follow Esther Garcia.























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