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The Artist Honors The Food In A Way You Have Never Seen Before

Paul Schmid is an illustrator, designer, internationally published author and illustrator of children’s books which honors the food in a fascinating way. A Chicago native, Paul now lives on an island in Washington State. He recently started an amazing project where he honors food with incredible portraits but with a different stile. His talent has been awarded over the years by many known societies. Paul offers the life of food through its personification. Paintings receives human aspect and characteristics, even names, which is amazing.

“Never did I hear a discouraging word from them, and unlike some people I’ve known, they are not critical. They never ask if am I going to get a haircut or a ‘real’ job”

Paul Schmid

The idea for this project came to life, when the artist accidentally put a pair of googly eyes on a picture of a potato which is a little bit strange. With his technique, now everybody can have a friend but not a traditional friend and one special. For more illustrations with his art you can access his website.

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#1 Edgar

“She had such an understanding look! I grabbed a tomato painting, and googly eyes from a drawer and Tom was born. Then Nip the turnip. More eyes, more paintings, in a short time I had a room full of ‘Still-Buddies’,” – Paul Schmid

#2  Phillip

#3 Harry


#4  Redacted

#5  Doubting Thomas

#6  Ralph

#7  Lucy


#8   Nip

#9   Russell

#10   Penelope

#11   Eyeleen


#12   Bill

#13   Gwen

#14  Kate


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