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The Classic Landscapes Blend Amazingly With Our Disney Characters

Gregory Masouras is a young photographer aged 26 which blend classic landscapes with Disney characters. The artist has attracted the attention of many photography, fashion and design professionals with his Instagram posts that illustrate the stunning landscapes of Athens and Disney princesses.

His project since in 2012, called #AnimationInReality started with the wish to test the new camera of the smartphone by taking pictures of Athens. His projects came to life when he captured with phone camera a cloud that illustrated the Batman logo. Gregory has had many projects, including Oscars, his youtube videos, fashion magazines, Game of Thrones and more.

   “All the Disney characters have a special story and characteristics, where they can be adapted to all the facts with little imagination.”

We continue to talk about his wonderful works that have as participants, Disney characters models of Renaissance and Modern era paintings. He chose Disney characters because they are attractive and easy to integrate into real life, and for him this acts as the liberation of adult imagination using tools that were, up to now, reserved for younger audiences.”

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#1  Amalia De Llano / Snow White

#2  The Son Of Man / Mickey Mouse

#3 Mona Lisa / Mulan

#4  Persistence Of Memory / Chip, Cogsworth, Lumière, Mrs. Potts


#5  Lady With An Ermine / Evil Queen From Snow White

#6 Creation Of Adam / Lion King

#7 The Last Supper / Disney Princesses

#8 Scream / Cinderella


#9  Girl With A Pearl Earring / Sleeping Beauty

#10 The Forgotten Guards/ Hercules, Prince Naveen And Prince Eric

#11  Liberty Leading The People / Jasmine

#12  Birth Of Venus / Jessica Rabbit


#13 Venus Of Urbino / Pocahontas

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