The Design Firm WARchitect Turn Empty Rooftop into an Elevated Contemporary Home


    By taking advantage of unused space, Thai design firm WARchitect has carved out a unique oasis in the middle of Bangkok. Their “borderless” Skyscape apartment is intended to look as though it emerges from nothing when, in fact, it sits atop a five-story building in Bangkok. By reclaiming a space where only water tanks were stored previously, WARchitect has transformed the empty rooftop into a residential bungalow for the building’s owner.

    This clever use of space employs several tricks to ensure that the small dwelling is discrete, while still meeting the needs of the property owner. The apartment remains hidden from public roads in order to avoid a stark contrast between the wood-clad box and the building below. Large, floor-to-ceiling glass doors not only give panoramic views but create an illusion of space within the 1,600-square-foot (150-square-meter) abode.

    h/t: designboom  Mymodernmet   


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