The Love Between Dads And Their Little Girls By Snezhana Soosh

Most of Snezhana’s work is incredibly detailed, focusing on showing daily routines of fathers and daughters in a new light. The artist invites viewers to concentrate on what hides behind the image, what emotion it evokes.

She mostly uses pastel, earthy colors, and the main theme of her illustrations is children, parenting, and the family bond.

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Teaching Her To See The “Invisible People”

Handling The Hard Parenthood Tasks

Being Supported By His Ladies. Even The Strongest Of All Men Can Sometimes Feel Sad, Helpless And Weak, He Is A Human After All

Being 3 Cosy Teddy Bears


Protecting Her. He’ll Be Her Shade

etting A Makeover. When She Is All Into Fashion He Has No Choice But Surrender And Let Her Make Him Look… Festive

Worry About The Future. Some Things Scare Dads… But Not Yet.. Not Yet…

Comming Home Late From Work To Find The Little One Asleep, Waiting For Him In The Lobby


Surprising Her. Sometimes Dads Get A Little (Or A Lot) Carried Away With Presents When It Comes To Her Birthday

Feeling Sad Because She’s Growing Up So Fast

Trying New Things. There Is Nothing Dads Can’t Learn To Do For Their Girls

Falling Asleep By The Phone Without Missing A Single Lullaby When Away From Home


Being Sad Together. Her Sorrow Is His Sorrow. Taking Whatever Bothers Kids As Serious As Their Own “Adult” Problems

Spending Time Together. No Matter What They Do, They Do It Together And Nothing Is Taken For Granted

Having Fun. Dad Is Her Pirate Ship, For She Is His Captain!

Having A Hard Time Separating. Business Trips Are Not Easy On Both Of Them


Having Lack Of Privacy During Wc Break. “Are You Done? Are You Done? Are You Done?”

Napping Together

One, Two, Three… Playing With The Little One

Having A Bath. She Is Not Excited When It Comes To Washing Hair


Making His Girls Happy

Making Sure When He’s Not Around She Can Still Hold Her Ground

Enjoying The Artistry Of The Little One

Sharing Stories Under The Same Roof


Making Him Look Handsome

Loving Her Touch Thet Heals All Wounds, Outside And Inside

Putting Her To Sleep. Papa’s Hands – The Best Cradle

Reading During Potty Time


Carrying For Her. Wounds Dad Can Still Heal

Dads Are Great At Multitasking


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