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The Most Beautiful And Attractive Russian Women

Making a top with some of the most beautiful and attractive Russian women is just an impossible mission, but we have managed to find a few that may attract your attention. Russian women look amazing, they have an enviable body and their features are really attractive. The women below are actress or models from Russia, and these surely will impress you.

#1 Galinka Mirgaeva


Galinka Mirgaeva was born on July 5, 1987 and is a successful model who doesn’t hold back from showing her well form body.


 #2 Galinka Mirgaeva

#3  Galinka Mirgaeva


#4  Anastasia Kvitko

The beautiful Russian girl was born on November 25, 1994 and is a model of glamour and entrepreneur. The model has over 10 million followers on her instagram account where she posts attractive pictures with different outfits.


 #5  Anastasia Kvitko

#6 Anastasia Kvitko

Instagram:  @anastasiya_kvitko


#7  Svetlana Bilyalova

The beautiful influencer was born on January 13, 1992, and is a celebrity on Instagram where she has over 6 million followers.

#8  Svetlana Bilyalova

#9 Svetlana Bilyalova


Instagram:  @svetabily


#10  Irina Shayk

Irina is an actress and model of Russian origin, born on January 6, 1986. She is very popular on Instagram where she has over 13 million followers.


#11  Irina Shayk

#12  Irina Shayk

Instagram: @irinashyk 

#13  Natalia Vodianova

Beautiful Natalia was born on February 28, 1982 in Gorky, Russia. She’s a gorgeous model with striking blue eyes, blonde hair and long legs. Natalia has represented famous brands such as: Vuitton, Gucci and Calvin Klein.


#14 Natalia Vodianova

#15  Natalia Vodianova

Instagram: @natasupernova



#16  Glukoza

Singer Natalia Ionova known as Glukoza, born June 7, 1986 is a famous singer. She started her career at the age of 16 in 2002, is a big name in Eastern Europe, her concerts reaching 1.5 million.

#17 Glukoza


#18 Glukoza

Instagram:  @glukozamusic

#19 Victoria Bonya

Victoria was born November 27, 1979 and made the top of the 50 most beautiful women in Moscow. She gave birth to a girl in 2012 with the son of an Irish military.


#20 Victoria Bonya

#21  Victoria Bonya

Instagram: @victoriabonya

#22 Natalie Gal

Beautiful actress born in Rostov, Russia on December 18, 1985 .She is a famous model in USA after she married with an American. Currently she has a daughter and seems to be very happy married.


#23 Natalie Gal

#24 Natalie Gal

Instagram: @natashagalkina


#25 Natasha Poly

Born on July 12, 1985 she changed her name from Natalya Sergeyevna Polevshchikova to Natasha Poly and she is a successful model.

#26 Natasha Poly

#27  Natasha Poly


Instagram:  @natashapoly

#28  Mila Kunis

The actress was born on August 14, 1983 in Russia, but moved to America at the age of 7, however she is listed as an American actress. She has been married to Ashton Kutcher since 2015.

#29 Mila Kunis


#30 Mila Kunis

Instagram: @milakunis______



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