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The Most Beautiful Drawings With Cats, Created With An Amazing Technique

At first glance, these images may look like photographs, but in reality they are drawings made by a very complicated technique called hyperrealism. The technique requires special attention, patience, skill and a lot of work.
The drawings look absolutely stunning and are handmade with colored pencils, hard to believe, right?
The 18-year-old Japanese artist Haruki Kudo, also known as kudoharu125 on his Instagram account where he has 2,628 fans. Haruki creates incredibly realistic and unique animal portraits, in other words, replay reality on a piece of paper and a few pencils. The drawings will give you a lot of questions whether these are real photos or not.
Haruki draws all kinds of animals, but his great love for felines can be seen in these pictures of cats. He draws these wonderful creatures with such passion and love .

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