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The Wonderful World Of The Miniature In Some Remarkable Pictures

Chris Toledo, a professional miniature artist, originally from Los Angeles who fascinates us with his passion for the miniature world. His passion began as a child, when he wanted to discover the miniatures world. With his father, who worked in construction, Chris learned about the concept of architecture at a very young age. He continued to study architecture and all that it means, and amazes us with his “Chris Toledo Miniatures” project. The project consists in an amazing miniature house based on an almost identical like a natural house.

“After I have a solidified design, the construction process begins. When building my pieces, I use many tools similar to those of building something full-sized, except they have been scaled down to accommodate the pieces I make such as a table saw the size of a show box or a hand saw made specifically to cut tiny hair sized details into wood.”

Chris is an incredible artist, the details of the house are fascinating and very similar to an ordinary house, patience and attention are very important in this amazing work. Its art form is loved by a lot of people who admire its work, which is now “a resounding success that fascinates tens of thousands of people”. So i invite you to enjoy the wonder of the miniature together.

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“I think anyone can find something they love within the world of miniature making. It’s a form of art that allows you to have something in your hands that maybe you wouldn’t be able to have in real life”.


“For me, it was my love of historic architecture. Creating miniature replicas of historic rooms gave me a chance to hold a piece of history in my hands and see it with my own eyes “.



























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