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Theater Artist Becomes A Toy Designer, Changes Wool In Adorable Toys

The artist Nastasya Shuljak grew up surrounded by nature and all its beauty, this is evident in her toys made of wool and a lot of love. Shuljak does wool works, just out of creativity and imagination, and this makes her produce some animals and figurines that represent parts of nature, trees, different trees. All his works inspire a pleasant state. These are so cute, some astonishing little ones with their charming smile. This style of art seems to me quite interesting, the artist even manages to impress what a wild imagination her has.

Different shapes and features made with great attention, an amazing style of art. Although the artist does not consider his work an art.
Nature is the main subject of the artist, being represented in many of her works, but she also created different animals such as foxes, bears. Being so admired and loved by customers, they often cannot get as many toys as much, as they would like. I think they would conquer anyone, what do you think?

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The artist is not interested in going with her work to an art gallery and does not consider it an art.

“These are just small joys.
 Smile temporarily without worry. I try to keep them as little as possible, I eliminate all the unnecessary   details.”

Shuljak chose the road of toy designer 10 years ago when she was a theater artist and art teacher. “About 10 years ago, just before New Year’s, I received an unexpected gift from my friends — a pack of wool.” Nastasya hinting that since then all her love for wool began. ” I made a bear and a rabbit from it. Immediately, I fell in love with wool for its flexibility and the endless possibilities you can achieve with it.”



I think that anyone who sees Shuljak’s wool masterpieces would be impressed by her technique and her patience.
Shuljak expresses his happiness and satisfaction when the people admires and buys her works. Suggesting that she has a special connection to this hobby.

“I also saw little sparks in my client’s eyes after they bought the toys; a child’s happiness in an adult man holding in his hands what I created. It still touches and surprises me. Working with wool has been a huge part of my life for the past ten years. I think it’s not a coincidence.”


She makes some incredible toys that can make your day look better. Recognizing that it is simply her style of living, alluding to her childhood when she spent a lot of time in nature.


“It’s not a cheap attempt to be fashionable. I have been living in nature for a long time. I spent my childhood in a small town by the sea, and my parents and I went to the woods a lot.”


The artist Natasya lives in Moscow, Russia. In addition to the hobbies of producing toys and selling them, in her spare time, she teaches how to create a toy like this.
I think her work is amazing and appreciated by many people, and this is because of the imagination that goes beyond the limits imposed.








































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