These Cups By McDonald’s Japan Become Inappropriate After Rotating Them


    McDonald’s Japan released its line of McFizz soft drinks. The line includes Lemon Ginger, Blue Hawaii, and Blood Orange flavors. To top it all off, McDonald’s is pouring these fruity beverages into transparent cups with cute illustrations of a boy and girl falling in love.

    Soon, a couple of creative minds started uploading pictures of the two characters in quite a few inappropriate positions. All they had to do is change the angle, and things got rather suggestive.


    credit: kitsunekonnkonn

    credit: 8W9ifBVChNuTdnh

    credit: 6AXkWMqMZgKgCjU

    credit: mao_kila

    credit: 1matsu_14matsu_

    credit: _chocolation_

    credit: _chocolation_

    credit: imL0418NK

    credit: mao_kila

    credit: ankorerorero318

    credit: re_citrus

    credit: ew_butterfly

    credit: ew_butterfly

    Here’s what people have been saying about these cups


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